Game jams are a nice way to develop a game under a set of constraints so that you don't get bogged down with too many details, or end up with an eternal side project. I'd like to do a few this year hopefully with some friends and colleagues, trying out a few frameworks in the process. Some frameworks that would be fun:

  • Phaser 3 with TypeScript - browser games are convenient to share, and you get free hosting with GitHub pages
  • Godot in F# - making a game in F# would be really fun
  • Godot in Python - making a game in Python would be fun too, and I don't like PyGame
  • Unity - You gotta do unity
  • Three.js/Phaser 3 hybrid - If a game jam theme comes up that would mesh with this idea, it could be interesting to make a game that combines 2d and 3d elements, with RxJS communicating between the two.